Five Ways To Beat Writer’s Block

help typingSome days the essay witting flows, and some days a hurdle blocks the way. Writers need to write though because words pay the bills. Writing prompts don’t always do the trick and ideas don’t always flow while washing the dishes, so here are five simple, effective ways to beat writer’s block. All good writers follow and use these methods to tackle this problem because it is inevitable. Being prepared for it to happen is better than waiting.  All writers experience this beating and knowing the best way to handle the situation can make all the difference.

1. Go for a walk in a different neighborhood. You’ll see, hear, smell, and taste new things: houses, cars, landscapes, food trucks, and people. If setting or characters were your stalling point, chances are, you’ll find your solution here.

2. Bake a cake or cookies from a new recipe. Go online to find the recipe. Deliberate for about ten minutes on what to make by looking at photos and recipes, then bake your choice. You’ll use a different part of your brain while baking and your recipe search exposes you to a number of cultures and regional variations. If you were stuck on flavor or needed details, you’ll find it here and you’ll have something tasty to eat while writing.

3. Read a how to article or book chapter if you write fiction, a short story or fiction chapter if you write non-fiction. Reading helps you become a better writer, and exposure to a different writing style gets you thinking in new ways. Plus, you won’t accidentally co-opt the author’s details as your own.

4. Do aerobics or another intense workout. Get your endorphins up and your body active. While you’re stimulating your body, you’re also stimulating your brain. The endorphin rush is similar to a drug high but, healthy. A healthier brain is a more creative brain. You’ll spawn new ideas while spawning new muscle.

5. Take a shower or bath. Whichever you prefer, use the gamut of products and make it a sensory experience, not just bathing. Use bubble bath, a bath bomb, and/or a sudsy body scrub. Scrub off with a loofah or bath mitt. Play your favorite music, and don’t let the phone interrupt. If you’re soaking in the tub, a glass of wine or cup of tea is always nice. Burn scented candles. Just relax and enjoy the smells, sounds, tastes, and feelings. At the end, your body is clean and your mind is clear but, likely full of new ideas.
By the time you’ve hied each of these, you’ll find yourself healthier, better fed, cleaner, more educated, and back on the ‘write’ track. Don’t let a block stop your creativity. Win the day by beating the block.  Once you successfully do it you will have something in common with top writers now.